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Wednesday, August 10 2011
A Barna survey indicated that 66 percent of adults believe “there is no such thing as absolute truth; different people can define truth in conflicting ways and still be correct.”  Of those 18-25 taking the survey, 72 percent gave that response.

In fact, some surveys have indicated that as many as 50 percent of professing Christians say they cannot accept the idea of absolute truth.

“Relative truth” holds that truth corresponds to whatever a person says it is, so each person can have his or her own truth.  Truth can vary from person to person, from time to time and from place to place.  This is not just a matter of different people disagreeing.  Truth can even vary for the same person.  What is true for you right here today, may not be true for you tomorrow or in some other location.

Now, that is fine when we are talking about our favorite food, because that is a subjective opinion.  But those who believe there is no absolute truth, that all truth is relative, would apply that same approach to beliefs about God.  The relativist says that if a person believes that there is a God, then that is true for him, but if a person believes there is not a God, then that is true for him.

The problem with that is that there either is or is not a God, and our opinion about the matter doesn’t change the reality one bit.

The idea that every religion is right, that they are all different ways of reaching the same God, is also based on the idea that there is no absolute truth. 

Each religion contradicts every other religion, so to say that they are all truth is absurd.  Those who believe any religion is okay will tell you that truth is relative.  If someone grew up as a Hindu, they say, then Hinduism is true for him.

But those who take that approach are violating their own commitment to relative truth.  They actually have their own absolute truth whether or not they ever state it, or even realize it. 

They believe in the following absolute truth:  They believe that God lets people make up their own religions and believe whatever they want to believe about Him and He will honor their religion in their lives, either taking them to heaven or to nirvana or reincarnating them. 

There’s not a single religion in the world that believes that except the religion of relative truth.  So, don’t let a relativist tell you that he thinks every religion is right; in fact he believes every religion is wrong. 

Jesus believed in absolute truth.  Jesus said, “I tell you the truth,” 79 times in the New Testament, preceding statements He made.

The Bible claims that the Word of God is truth.  The Bible speaks of God as truth, Jesus as truth and the Holy Spirit as truth.  The Bible says the gospel is the truth that we have embraced that has given us salvation and freedom.  In the last days, the Bible says, people will want to hear what they want to hear, and they will turn away from the truth.  God wants all men to come to a knowledge of the truth, but those who reject the truth are subject to God’s wrath and eternal punishment.

And that's the truth.  The absolute truth.
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Always something different.
A teacher tired of lecturing

Ideas I never thought of.
A teacher for 22 years

Daily Prep and Teacher's Toolbox have become an essential part of our Sunday School curriculum.  Our 154 plus teachers find them to be an invaluable tool for their preparation on Sunday mornings. 
Barbara Evans
Director of Adult Ministries
Houston's First Baptist Church
Houston, TX

I wouldn't want to teach without it.
Sunday School teacher

As minister of education at Tallowood Baptist Church, Houston, I led our staff to subscribe to the teaching helps for our adult teachers for more than a dozen years. They were choice and very popular among our Sunday School leadership in weekly preparation. Every week David's materials were fresh, on target with lesson topics, and easily applicable for teachers and learners. I heartily recommend these materials for exploring and teaching the Word of God. Tallowood continues to use the materials on a regular basis.
Clois Smith
Minister of Education/Administration (retired)

Our teachers love the Toolbox.
Minister of Education

This makes Bible study exciting!
An adult class member

Daily Prep is a good reminder of the upcoming lesson as well as a useful tool for encouraging a daily study time.  I have enjoyed using the Teacher's Toolbox for years.  It is a valuable resource.  Many of the useful ideas in lesson presentation are ways to allow learners to discover for themselves the truths in God's Word.
Russ Pounds
Sunday School Teacher
First Baptist Church
Grand Prairie, TX

Daily Prep has gotten me into the Word.
A new believer

We canceled our subscription once.  The next month my teachers revolted, demanding, "Where is my Toolbox?"  Needless to say, we immediately reinstated our subscription.
Minister of Education

I thoroughly enjoy the fresh approach to lessons in the Toolbox.  The creative ideas engage the student in the learning activities as they discover truths from Scripture.  Thank you for sharing your creativity with those of us who are not gifted in that way.
Margaret Lawson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Foundations of Education
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

The skits are great.
A senior adult class member

My class is smiling now.
Nearly quit teaching last year


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